Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Finding the right wedding photographer is so important as they are probably the vendor you will spend the most amount of time with. You want to make sure you hire a wedding photographer who is the perfect fit for you in style, approach, personality, experience and investment.

There are so many aspects of your wedding day a photographer handles, not just the photos. We are constantly aware of the moments happening around us and understand what it takes to shoot these fleeting moments in a fast paced environment. We keep everyone on track without making things feel rushed. We will photograph everything from the details to the unpredictable ceremony moments to the first dances, all while looking at the light around us and knowing what will look best in each situation. The most important thing is making sure we connect with you and you trust us entirely to capture your wedding with the vision we share.

I strive to make your time with me easy, fun and comfortable and like we’re best friends on your wedding day. I want your images to be beautifully simple yet creative, unique and truly authentic to you and your fiancé. I am dedicated, hard working and passionate about what I do and I would be honoured to work with you and be your wedding photographer.

For more information on my wedding collections and dates still available, contact me here. I would love to hear from you!