When I got the news that Sarah was in active labour, it sounded like things were moving quickly so I drove from south Calgary out to their Cochrane home, as fast as the speed limit would let me haha. When I arrived at the house, Sarah was hanging in there and just about to move to the tub for the rest of her labour and delivery. I ended up having the perfect amount of time before Cal was born but it was definitely a guessing game until I got there!

Sarah had amazing care from the midwives at Shifra Centre For Wellness and her doula, Kerri. There was so much support from them and of course from her husband, Rick and their two older kids, Mila and Leo. I’m always so blown away by the gentle and loving care that women receive at a home birth.

Congratulations to this incredible family on the birth of their son. Thank you for allowing me to be right there with you to document such an important day in your family’s life story.

Erin xo

Here is the link to Cal’s birth story slideshow – https://vimeo.com/286129173